Senior Tap From Show 2011

As most of you will be aware we are now starting rehearsals for Show 2013 This will be held on 25th and 26th Oct at Britannia Pier in Gt Yarmouth.Whilst these show routines are being put together it is crucial that we have good attendance.Also a reminder that your ballet deposits are due in April, Modern in May and Tap in June.
Below is a write up that was published in the Lowestoft and Beccles paper after our 2011 show.

Charlotte’s Wish – The June Glennie School of Dance

For any dance school to showcase its pupils is a challenge
because it can so easily become an interminable and disjointed parade of various classes. The success of the June Glennie School’s production is its skill in sustaining a seamless storyline whilst entertaining the audience to a wealth of dancing modes and skills.

‘Charlotte’s Wish’ embraced the talents of toddlers to the most mature of adults, and not one of the 350 plus performers failed to impress with their energy, commitment and concentration. Here is a dance school which clearly champions a professional sense of discipline, and all involved danced with freshness, agility and a sense of drama.

The story of Charlotte’s Wish took us from a bedroom to a beach, from an airport to a ship and eventually, and magically, under the sea. There was so much to admire in this performance, but the airport scene was particularly skilled and enjoyable, as was the Pirates’ adult tap! The pure ballet skill was significantly impressive in the Masked Ball.

The backdrops were effectively painted and the whole show was very well lit with some dazzling fluorescent effects.

The costumes were vivid, sophisticated and were representative of anything from fairies to skeletons, airhostesses to jelly fish.

This was a show that swept its audience along with its pace and energy, and the choreography of ‘Sharon, Beth, Sue and Ruth was well focused and fluent.

It was fitting too that this show should raise money for ‘helpless and underprivileged children of the world’ through the School’s ongoing association with the Lions.