Adult Tap Ladies Remembering Marcia

Marcia,s plaque

On April 14th after months of cold miserable weather the sun began to shine and we all knew Marcia was looking down on us with approval.The adult tap ladies met up at the airfield with Marcia’s lovely family to plant a beautiful tree and mark it with a plaque in memory of our dear friend Marcia who sadly died just before Christmas. It really was a special occasion and being able to add to an already beautiful garden which was in a place we all knew Marcia treasured made it even more special. A big thankyou must go to Raynor and Sam for donating £550 to shoestring from Marcia’s funeral. Dancing meant so much to Marcia not only was she a beautiful dancer herself but she loved to watch the progress of all the students. So I know she would have loved to think her donation was helping someone live their dream.