This year we were very proud of Lita who represented the June Glennie School of Dance at the ISTD Ballet Awards.which were held at the Hawth Theatre Crawley, West Sussex on the 2nd and 3rd March 2013


: We’d just finished our warm up and now this was it! There was a lot of us I remember thinking to myself, about 20 or so in each group and three groups for the Grade 4 section. I walked onto the stage and stood with my feet in fifth breathing deeply to try to control my nerves. The curtains rose up and I was on stage… I love that feeling!

I loved it. So much! We all practiced the exercises and enchainments set by the teacher then did them row by row, three of us at a time. When we did the petit allegro I completely forgot to breathe and by the time I ran to the back of the stage I had a stitch! Dancing on the stage with the live piano playing is a lovely feeling.

Then we all had to do the set Grade 4 exam dance three at a time. I blocked the other girls from my mind and imagined I was doing a solo and tried the best I could to dance it perfectly.

After all three groups had danced we lined up on the stage and waited to hear who had made it through to the finals. My number was called and so were those of my friends from June Glennie School of Dance so we were all so happy. The finals were the same enchainments again but little things were changed to make sure we were paying attention and then we all had to do the dance again too.

After a couple of hours wait backstage we were all called onto the stage with the other Grades to hear the announcements of who would be placed. The Class Commendations were called out for Grade 4 and I remember being disappointed because I had won that for the previous two years and thought that meant I hadn’t done well this year. Then third place… not me. Second place…. again not me and at this point I felt really upset but then realised I’d done so well just to make it to the finals. Then my number was called out and they said I had won first! I was confused and had to check I actually WAS number 87 and not number 78! Even when I stepped forward to curtsey I still thought they were going to say they had made a mistake! I felt like jumping up and down and squealing but calmly walked up to accept the award. Being handed the cup and having photos taken was a lovely feeling but I couldn’t stop giggling because of the shock and the nerves.

I will never, ever forget that day!

Lita Flores Garcia, Grade 4 winner