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June Glennie Dancers In Strictly Come Dancing Tour 2013!

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Phoebe And Ruby’s Experience At Panto

Panto Mother Goose At Gorleston

Phoebe & Ruby At Panto Phoebe's Panto Experience Ruby's Panto Experience

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A Little Note From Tori

Hello my name is Tori I go to an enjoyableDance school called June Glennie, we do fun things but youalso have to practice a lot. There are different teachers called Beth, Sharon and Ruth. I have enjoyed dancing in the time that I have been there, and will carry on as long as I can.You don’t just do lessons there you can do solos, pantomimes, shows, festivals and many other things. I have enjoyed lots of things in dancing but most of all I loved pantomime.

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A Little Note From Ellie

My name is Ellie and I’m 6 years old and I go to June Glennie School of Dance, I have been going there since I was 3 years old. I am being taught ballet, tap and modern, and I enjoy them all. We have to take exams to help us get better so we can learn harder steps and get better at dancing. I am now grade 1 in all three classes and my teachers think that I am doing really well. We have to wear a purple catsuit for tap and modern and we have to wear a black leotard with a skirt on for ballet. I have made lots of new friends and we help each other if we get stuck with difficult steps. We are now practicing for a show this year to show off what we have learnt and I am really looking forward to performing on the big stage again as this will be my second show I’ve done...

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A Little Note From Amber


Hi my name is amber and I’ve been dancing at the June glennie school of dance for 6 1/2 years. My teachers are fab and I love my lessons...

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A Little Note From Beth

My Experience of June Glennie School of Dance!My experience of June Glennie has been exhilarating and I have loved every minute of
it. I hope to continue to dance there for along time. Its hard work, especially near exam and show time, but it helps to build my confidence and
it’s something that I can always look forward to. Often, in the holidays I miss dancing and can’t wait to go back! So far my time at June Glennie has made me loads and loads of new friends. It has also kept me fit and given me something to do, instead of sitting around and watching telly all of the time! At June Glennie we always have lots and lots of opportunities to dance in many different performances...

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A Little Note From Millie

Hello my name is Millie Buckenham and June Glennie is a great dance school where children from three to eighteen can join. There is four great dance teachers called Beth, Sharon, Ruth and sue. I have been at there since I was three and now I am ten and so far I am really enjoying it. As well as just doing lessons there is pantomimes, solos and other dancing excitement .When I was at pantomime it was great fun and I love dancing with actors and performing . I love June Glennie dance school and I would recommend it to anyone. Although it is nice to have a holiday I can never wait to go back to dancing.

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A Little Note From Lauren


Hi, my name is Lauren and I go to the June Glennie school of dance, I have been dancing there
since i was 3 and a half. I do ballet, tap, modern and song and dance, i also do jazz and limbering
on Saturday’s. My favourite lesson would have to be tap, our teacher Beth is lovely patient and
understanding and i love to learn all the different steps and the sounds they make. Before lessons
we warm up by stretching and playing games with the others. Lessons are fun but we do work hard
and are expected to think for ourselves and remember the dances. I have already mentioned Beth
the other 2 teachers are Ruth who teaches Ballet and Sharon, she teaches modern, jazz, limbering
and song and dance. We take exams every so often which we work towards as well as doing a big
show every 2 years...

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